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Tunbridge Wells taxis to Heathrow

Taxis from Heathrow to Tunbridge Wells

Taxis from Heathrow Airport to Tunbridge Wells

The beautiful area of Royal Tunbridge Wells is situated merely 30 miles south of London and is bordered by the marvelous Kent countryside area. Throughout the Georgian period, the famous ancient spa area was recognized as the location to observe and be observed. Present days travelers to this place can take pleasure in a comforting brief break or day trip, discovering the great number of castles, landscapes, and ancient properties as well as by savoring the broad variety of restaurants to dine and relax and substantial quality hotels that the Tunbridge Wells region offers to its visitors.

There are far more fascinating sights in Kent and the close by region than in any other single side of the United Kingdom. Several of the finest illustrations of activities in the Tunbridge Wells region vary from a large assortment of outdoor activities, like strolling through the magnificent area, mountain biking, climbing, wind-surfing, sailing to the exclusive region of Seven Wonders of the Weald which are seven exciting locations very close to each other and at a 20 minute drive from Tunbridge Wells.

A number of interesting and uncommon places of worship and a good amount of vineyards integrate in the wide selection of things to discover and do in the Tunbridge Wells region.

In addition to this, Tunbridge Wells’s place of birth, the ancient sites of The Pantiles and the Chalybeate Spring are also two of the most amazing of their kind. This town undoubtedly can guarantee a visit and is a fantastic location for equally people passing through and families as well.

Transfer from London Heathrow Airport to Tunbridge Wells by Rail:

There are no direct rail services from Heathrow Airport to this city. In this case you may have to get to the center of London in order to take a train to get you to there.
Tunbridge Wells Station is located in between the Pantiles and the start of the main high street and also finds itself on the London to Hastings route. You can get a train to Tunbridge Wells from Charing Cross, Waterloo and London Bridge Stations. London is 50 minutes away but it can take you even longer to get to Tunbridge by train, depending if the train is direct or has stops on the way. The ticket price is around 14 GBP.
There are multiple ways to get to Charing Cross, Waterloo and London Bridge like the tube, the Heathrow Express, a bus or, if you are in a real hurry to get to Tunbridge Wells, you can always take one of the many taxis waiting at Heathrow Airport.

Transfer from London Heathrow Airport to Tunbridge Wells by Car:

The key routes into Tunbridge Wells are the A21, which operates from the M25 down to Hastings, and the A26, which directs to Brighton. The A264 moves via East Grinstead to Crawley and Gatwick Airport.

Transfer from London Heathrow Airport to Tunbridge Wells by Taxi Transfer:

A Taxi Transfer from London Heathrow Airport to Tunbridge Wells with Taxi Line Airport Transfer will cost around 70 GBP plus Parking  charges for a saloon car. The airport transfer from London Heathrow to Tunbridge Wells will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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