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Wadhurst Taxis

Wadhurst  Elite Taxis- is Wadhurst  based airport transfer and taxi Cabs Company. Our mission is to provide reliable, timely, and safe taxi services by using complete, in car credit and debit card access, along with computer-aided dispatch system. Wadhurst  Airport Taxis establish its presence in the industry by acquiring an a family-owned business that was formed 6 years ago

.Wadhurst  Elite Taxis provide complete taxi cab services using the latest equipment and technology to facilitate the travel of individuals in and around the Royal Wadhurst  area. The company's products and services show that we are an innovative, forward thinking company that recognizes the need to move with ever-changing customer needs. At Wadhurst  Elite Taxis, our philosophy is one that emphasizes service, and a realization that effective communication is a key component in our business. The company also realizes that, in a competitive environment, flexibility and professionalism maintain that leading edge.

The company has drivers and employees that are helpful, courteous, and fully trained on the use of the computer dispatch system. As an added safety measure for both drivers and passengers, Wadhurst  Airport Taxis are fitted with Global Positioning Systems (GPS), which enable the Taxis to be tracked or located in an emergency. All Wadhurst  Airport Taxis are clean, well maintained, and inspected regularly for safety and comfort.


Wadhurst  Elite Taxis strategy is to build reputation and market share by establishing our business offering as a viable alternative to existing airport transfer services in the area. The company's goal in the next year is pursue an aggressive marketing campaign and from that, penetrate at least 40% of the market share. The company's long-term goal is be the top rated ground transportation company in Royal Wadhurst .

The company's emphasis is on the dispatch, mobile data, and credit/debit card markets of the Airport taxis. Over a three year period Wadhurst  Airport Taxis has increased by 20% each year in Royal Wadhurst  area.

Companies with whom Wadhurst  Elite Taxis competes are Transportation, Inc., Walkers, Taylors, and Streamline. Their weaknesses are that they do not have the credit/debit card payment options in all of their taxis, and some still use the radio dispatch system. The company has a competitive advantage, however, because our technology is unique to the taxi industry in Royal Wadhurst . The GPS will enable the company to provide timely service by giving an accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA). The credit/debit card feature will give customers convenience and privacy during the transaction period.

Reliable communications are essential under all circumstances in this business. As such, Wadhurst  Airport Taxis use the Icabbi dispatch system.  The Icabbi dispatch system design provides multiple levels of reliability to assure communications will be maintained under the most rigorous condition. Wadhurst  Airport Taxis also runs a state of the art call centre that is located in centre of Wadhurst  

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